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about this website and service

Romanian Hospitality Transactions ( is a PREMIUM ROMANIAN HOTEL REAL ESTATE MARKETPLACE run by a market expert with the following value propositions:

We are helping owners/brokers of significant existing, in construction, in planning hotels or of suitable land plots who want to promote publicly or in a private manner their property for sale by offering the right online infrastructure accessed by the right audience in Romania/abroad thus increasing market response time.   


We are helping Romanian and foreign significant hospitality assets buyers who want to quickly find the best available deals in Romania/Rep. of Moldova by reducing the networking effort and number of intermediaries necessary to discover suitable property.

your reasons to believe:

Ever since 2005, FIVESTAR HOSPITALITY runs the Romanian Hospitality Newsletter project (website with free archive and newsletter) recording everything that has happened in the sector. There is also an English version of RHN website and the english version of the newsletter).

  • There are more than 15000 specialized news articles in Romanian and more than 5000 in English in the archive of RHN website. We placed direct links behind all words "hotel" and "investment" in these articles emphasizing them in red so that prequalified readers visit the ROMANIAN HOSPITALITY TRANSACTIONS website;

  • The newsletter distribution database has more than 10000 subscribers for the Romanian version and more than 2000 subcribers for the English version. The English subscribers are a consequence of the personal networking done by the founder of Fivestar Hospitality;

  • ROMANIAN HOSPITALITY TRANSACTIONS runs its own newsletter to subscribers registering anywhere in the footer of the website announcing regularly all new listed properties.

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qualified traffic from RHN.RO
organic traffic from GOOGLE
property page on HOTELSFORSALE.RO
subscribers of HOTELSFORSALE.RO receive a newsletter
visibility in OTHER PROPERTIES
visibility in the MAIN PROPERTIES page on
listing in HOTELS FOR SALE
news category in the ROMANIAN
listing in HOTELS FOR SALE
news category in the ROMANIAN
with link to MAIN PROPERTIES PAGE on
listing in HOTELS FOR SALE
news category in the ROMANIAN
HOSPITALITY NEWSLETTER (Romanian & if relevant English edition)
with link to the PROPERTY PAGE on
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on RHN.RO next to any visible article
linked words in all articles on RHN.RO
driving targeted traffic
from LinkedIn and other Social Media
on your property page

EUR 200
6 mos.

EUR 300
6 mos.

EUR 400
6 mos.


frequently asked questions

  1. Do you select the properties that show up on HOTELSFORSALE.RO?

    • Yes we do.

  2. What is the process of listing a property?

    • Listing hotels and properties for sale on ROMANIAN HOSPITALITY TRANSACTIONS can only start as a paid service (see above table). It all starts with a form fill-in process. You will be immediately contacted by us in order to establish the required service level. Afterwards it is our job to generate the property page send it for approval. Once the campaign is ready to start, they can make the payment using the first form available in the list or by a classical invoice/ bank transfer procedure.

    • For a new listing the seller must first chose the closest scenario to his situation. This will be a combination of the following choices LAND / PROJECT / BUSINESS and PUBLIC or OFF-MARKET process. 

      • Property is publicly for sale (listed also on other websites by owner or brokers; brokers without exclusivity will try to make property hard to identify for a nonexpert; brokers with exclusivity will give maximum identification details and will not be required to provide mandate);

      • Property is off the market but still looking for potential buyers (property not listed on other websites in an identifiable manner; brokers must prove they have exclusivity providing mandate/letter). This path ensures that potential buyers will have to go through signing a confidentiality agreement before being allowed to identify the property and see details. 

  3. What are the fees for listing a property?

    • Listing hotels and properties for sale on ROMANIAN HOSPITALITY TRANSACTIONS can only start as a paid service (see above table).

    • For special situations please contact us to obtain an individualized offer.

  4. How long are listings active?

    • The paid package buys presence on the MAIN or OTHER Properties pages for 6 months, but you may ask for disable/delete of your property at any time. You will get notified when it's time to renew your listing. If a renewal or request for deletion of the property is not received in 10 days, the property visibility is deactivated.

  5. Do i have to pay a commission?

    • For these basic services, NO YOU DON'T. We are happy to provide a platform to connect interested parties. By listing a property with us brokers are guaranteed we do not become a competitor. We are aware of the importance of the independence requirements with regard to all services provided by Fivestar Hospitality, this is perhaps our most important intangible asset that we are constantly defending in everything that we do. 

    • On a case by case basis, we might identify together that there is potential for you to benefit from complete or partial brokerage services from our side, and in this situation we can additionally get a sell-side mandate or a fee-sharing agreement on top of the basic website services described above.

    • In other cases parties could chose to contact us after a few discussion rounds to get us on board to assist either sell-side or buy-side during the sale process.

  6. How can i make payments for your services?

    • We have integrated the PAYPAL payment system in the first of our forms ;

    • We can use the classical invoice / bank transfer procedure.