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LUXURY HOTEL ready for operations in BUCHAREST

Old City Center/Parliament Palace location - LUXURY PALACE HOTEL 17 keys

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updated on: June 13th 2017





keys: 17

stars/type: 6* BOUTIQUE hoTEL

BUILT sqm: 2500 


Investment proposal of a precious, landmark building in the center of Bucharest Romania fully consolidated, renovated, detail restored in 2007 and refurnished in 2017 as “the most exclusive small luxury hotel of Romania”.

Following three years of renovation, restoration and upgrading works and a 6 million Euro investment this property has been awarded the Architects and Designers Association of Romania Prize for “The Best Restoration and Design Project of 2007”.

Acclaimed by travel specialists and by the press as the most luxurious accommodation of Romania, the most expensive hotel investment of Romania and for setting new standards in the hotel industry of Romania.

The property is centrally located in Bucharest on the highest natural point of the city with a panoramic view over the entire city. 

Build 1907 by Swiss arh. Gustav Adolf Suter, a close friend of HM King Carol I of Romania, the palace has been confiscated by the communist regime in 1947 and used as NKDV – KGB Headquarters, then as Communist Party Headquarters as well as headquarters for other state institutions until 2000 when it has been returned to the heirs of the former owners.

The building is a small palace, an architectural art work with with marble and granite floors from Spain and South America, precious hard wood floors, large fire-places in marble and special stone, interior decorations hand made in cement, stone, gypsum with gold plated accents.

Cherry wood and silk covered walls, cherry wood custom made furniture, and large and precious chandeliers with Strass, Svarowski and Murano crystals. Several original art works from sculptures to paintings complete the interiors of this unique completely and detail restored building which has been awarded the Architects Union of Romania prize for the “Best restoration and design project” in 2007 and has been acclaimed as one of the most beautiful and precious buildings of Romania. The property has been functional since September 2007 as a small luxury hotel and has been extensively exposed in over 800 appearances on TV and several newspapers and magazines for the quality and for the value of its design and architecture but also for the services provided as a luxury five star hotel and restaurant.

Along with the restoration works the palace has been undergoing a massive consolidation and renovation process with updated state of the art electrical, communication, heating, air conditioning and ventilation as well as security systems. 


  • 1500 square meters of land, fenced with a brick and concrete work decorated and shaped as it was originally back in 1907.

  • The total build surface of the 5 levels is approximately 2500 square meters including the walls up to 1 meter thick. The initial walls have been kept and steel and concrete reinforced with a new foundation up to three meters under the original walls obtaining a maximum security to earthquaques but also a very solid structure and support for the expensive wall decorations that were to be (re)created or restored on these walls (The main building has a ground surface of 500 square meters with an underground level of approximately 650 square meters, main floor of 500 square meters, first floor of approximately 500 square meters and second floor of 500 square meters. The attic – floor with up to 3 meter high ceilings has some 350-400 square meters of usable space).

  • Next to the main building has been build a new structure, a small building of about 100 square meters on the main floor and about the same size on the underground floor. The terrace of this building has been used to accommodate vital equipment such as air conditioning, ventilation, high capacity power generator and other equipment. This secondary - administrative building is connected to the main building through a tunnel.

  • In total the building has  17 guest rooms and suites (for accommodation), with various functions from storage to office rooms, from guest rooms to restaurant and kitchen, locker rooms, elevator, maid rooms and other administrative or public spaces. The guest rooms are lavishly fitted and individually decorated with cherry wood individually designed and custom made furniture, assorted textiles of silk and other precious fabrics (from the wall to the furniture tapestry to the heavy curtains and bed covers).

  • Underground – Level 0 – which on the north side is a ground floor while on the south side is a underground level with entrance from the back yard – parking, access from the main staire case, access from the service stairs,  access from the administrative building through the tunnel, deliveries access from the back yard and access from the elevator; the 0 level features: Reception hall with wardrobe, restaurant salon with about 65 seats, restaurant salon or meeting room with approximately 40 seats and private bathroom, ladies room, men’s room, locker with bathroom and shower for women, locker with bathroom and shower for men, storage room, storage room, maintenance room, three food preparation rooms, one refrigerators room, warm kitchen room, cold kitchen room, bar room, dishwasher room and three access hallways, service staircase, elevator case, water supply room, heating room and access hall to the administrative building. 

  • The Main floor  - level 1 - has access through the main entrance door, service access through the service staircase, access from the backyard through the Lounge-Club terrace, access from level 0 through the main staircase, the service staires and through the elevator.
    The Main floor features: elegant entrance hall (windfang), very elegant reception hall-lobby, front and back office rooms, the Piano-Club with a large terrace, a Board Meeting Room with a nice balcony, ladies room and men’s room, storage room, an office, the main stairway, the hallway leading to the guest rooms and four guest rooms of different sizes each with an entrance hall, a bedroom, one bathroom and a balcony or terrace.

  • The First floor – level 2 - has access from the main staires, from the service staires and from the elevator and features:  an office, main hall from the main staircase, storage room, maid room, a hallway to 4 large very elegant guest rooms with entrance halls, large bathrooms, balconies, one with a kitchenette and 2 luxury one bedroom one living room suites, one with wood burning fire place, all with large designer bathrooms, both with large terraces and panoramic view over the city.

  • The second floor  - level 3 - has access from the main and from the service staircases as well as from the elevator and features: an office, maid room, main hall and hallway to the 6 guest rooms and to the one bedroom one livingrooms and one tower room suite. Most of the rooms on the second floor benefit a wonderfull view over the entire city. Some of the rooms have a sitting area, some a dressing room with nice designer large bathrooms. 

  • The third floor – the attic – level 4 – has access from the hallway in the second floor and is a dedicated administrative and technical floor with storage spaces, large ventilation and airpurification machinery, office spaces and the lift tower.

  • The administrative building features on the main floor a locker and shower room for employees, a storage room, a smoking open-air room and a large office while downstairs on the underground floor there are two bathrooms, a locker room with showers for employees and a large loundry and housekeeping room. The entire main building as well as the administrative building are fully equipped with state of the art technology for communications, video surveillance, fire-smoke detectors and alarms, controlled access systems, air condition, air ventilation and purification systems, two heating systems.