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OPAL HOTEL IN CAP AURORA Sun & Black Sea beach destination

OPAL HOTEL 231 keys

Cap Aurora is part of a larger destination that appeared between 1965 and 1973. This huge destination was developed north from Mangalia city, for international tourism. The destination never received an umbrella name but was marketed on different neighborhoods or resort clusters along the coast: Olimp, Neptun, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus.

updated: June 2018


EUR 4,000,000

target properties show in red; for more accurate location use  GOOGLE MAPS

target properties show in red; for more accurate location use GOOGLE MAPS



  • MANGALIA NORTH Sun&Beach destination is composed of clusters of resorts with different brand names starting in the north with Olimp, then Neptun, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus and Saturn. All these places are connected spanning over approximately 8 km of beach coast (close in beach length size to Mamaia to the north of Constanta city that has ~12km).  The destination was built between 1965 and 1968 with a total accommodation capacity that exceeded 18000 places. Cap Aurora part only had 1064 places in 4 hotels. The former Ceausescu summer residence compound located in Neptun represented the focal point of the destination and the compound is still used as a summer residence of the Romanian Presidency.
  • ACCESS BY AIR:  flights to Constanta - Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport located 70 km to the north.
  • ACCESS BY HIGHWAYS/ROADS: A2, A4, E87 along the coast, 40 km away from Constanta; 10 km away from Mangalia.
  • ACCESS BY RAILWAYS: CFR Neptun train station on the Bucharest - Constanta - Mangalia fast route.
  • ACCESS BY SEA: Mangalia Marina (10km), Life Harbour Limanu (16 km), Eforie Marina (25 km), Tomis Marina in Constanta (40 km). 
  • NATURAL ATTRACTIONS: Neptun I&II lakes and the main central sandy beach, Comorova forest reserve, very pleasant low water salinity 18-20‰ compared to 38‰ of the Mediterranean, sun exposure - east facing beach (sun rises from the sea), Limanu cave, Movile cave, Hagieni forest reserve, Negru Voda forest and turtles reserve,  
  • CULTURAL ATTRACTIONS: Byzantine museum Mangalia, Equestrian Center Mangalia, Callatis Citadel Archaeology Museum in Mangalia, ADAMCLISI roman victory monument, St. Andrew monastery&cave, Hagieni monastery, Dervent monastery, the Peninsula in Constanta + Old Casino (old city center), Ovidiu history museum. 
  • SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS: Paradisland Adventure Parc, Navy Museum Mangalia, Tuzla aerodrome, Murfatlar Winemaking, Planetarium Constanta, Dolphin circus Constanta, Aquarium Constanta.
  • FESTIVALS: Triathlon - 2Mai, Sunset Festival - Vama Veche, VSLO Oscar lighted Vama Veche Festival, Out of Doors Fest - Costinesti, Summer Market - Saturn, Callatis Summer Fest, Liberty Parade;
  • DAY / OVERNIGHT STAY TRIPS: in the Danube  Delta  together   with  surrounding  areas, the  only Delta in the  world  entirely  declared  as Biosphere  Reserve, established  in 1990  with  the  name Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve  - 580000ha representing 2.5% of Romania surface (largest in Europe; other tideless deltas: Ebro, Po, Evros are much smaller and much affected by men) + National Park Macinului Mountans 11321ha + Fortresses of Capidava, Histria, Argamum, Enisala, Babadag, Halmyris + Dobrogei Gorges natural reserve + Gura Dobrogei/La Adam cave. 




keys TOTAL: 231


storeys: UG+g+10


Hotel footprint {sqm}: 1539




  • The property opened in 1973, but after the regime change in 1991 it was bought by the current owners. The last remaining shares of the joint stock company OPAL S.A. were bought just a couple of years ago. Three renovations were performed during the holding time, in 1997, in 2000 and in 2007;
  • Currently it is a family owned and managed property. It has a long tradition on the Romanian tourism market, of almost 28 years. Opal SA company is a well established and well known partner of the major tourism agencies;
  • This is a great property to acquire on the Black Sea Romanian Riviera in this destination, being one of the best in it's class. Great location by the coast, perfect relaxation, quiet area;
  • Opal Hotel guests benefit from 216 rooms and 15 suites. The rooms have a net area of 18sqm, 150 of them offer sea views and a significant part of them have superior design (see gallery below). The suites have 40sqm net area and offer a living room, bedroom and two balconies and also feature sea views; 
  • The property has a 720sqm restaurant for 400 people, terraces of 550sqm for 120 people, coffee lounge, four small and medium conference rooms, a tennis court and a 120 places parking lot;
  • The company keeps 8 permanent employees and hires 63 seasonal employees. All utilities available except natural gas;


  • turnover 2015 [EUR]: 832,396

  • turnover 2016 [EUR]: 868,442

  • turnover 2017 [EUR]: 996,038





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